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Nov. 22nd, 2014

book: keep calm fictional
So I sat at my computer ALL day (except when I watched an  X-men movie).  I had a burst of writing and now have 33,550 words. The problem is that I decided to skip around. I wrote the ending and part of the story between the middle and the end. Now I need to figure out how to get my detectives to those spots in the story. I hate being stuck.


Nov. 21st, 2014

bad sign
Yesterday was so messed up.  I was suppose to go see Betty but had to cancel.  I had George here at the same time as the bug man and they both wanted to talk to me.  The upstairs never got sprayed for bugs..  George didn't fix anything he came over for and now I need to buy a new kitchen faucet because it constantly leaks. That's not his fault. I had to go sign some legal documents for land which I don't really want my name on but I have no choice.  The worse thing I saved for last is the house Jesse has been staying in part-time was broken into.  They broke the glass on the front door.  They trashed the place! Drawers were pulled out.  Everything thrown on the floor.  The mattress pushed off.  The really weird thing is that nothing was stolen.  It was if they were searching for something specific. Maybe valuable jewelry. They left the cheap stuff. Maybe drugs which sorry for them wasn't there. They left the x-box and all the games and the computer. So I have no clue. They were probably there a while because they took a lamp and put it into another room. They tore apart the chandelier. Jes' dad refused to call the police for he thought they couldn't do anything anyway. It was creepy walking through the house and seeing the aftermath. It shook me up. And the last last thing is NaNo which I'm about to quit. I am 7000 words in the hole and it's already the 21st of November. I also haven't done a thing yet for Thanksgiving. I need mental clarity so I'm heading to my locked room to meditate to music. Or take a nap whichever comes first.

Nov. 19th, 2014

book: keep calm fictional
I have written a little over 22,000 words for NaNo and haven't written for two days.  Today I did write nine hand witten pages.  So I am still trying.  *sigh*


Nov. 7th, 2014

So last night I went with Jes to see a play called The Butler Did It. The play was held in a high school and they acted fairly well. The script though left much to the imagination. I think it kept referring to famous mystery writers but it was awful. There were suppose to be twists and false deaths and it just left me saying "What?" There wasn't even a butler in the whole play. The scenery kept trying to fall down and the rain sound affect was messed up. The actors had to on improvise a few times. It was that obvious.


Nov. 6th, 2014

book: keep calm fictional
Last night I met up with a NaNo meeting group.  It was the first time I tried one.  There were only four of us and we meet at Denny's.  I didn't get much writing done over the talking but I did get some good advice and suggestions.  So that was good.  I will probably go back next week.  Oh, and they did get me unstuck only to find myself stuck in another spot.  The problem is that I am writing a mystery and have no suspects.  I know the killer but I need some red herrings so there's that.  I only have 5644 words out of 50,000 so *deep breath* back to it. :D


Nov. 2nd, 2014

cat in top hat

A mighty King once ruled the land-

But now he's baking pies.

A pauper, on the other hand,

Is ruling, strong and wise.

A tiger once in jungles raged-

But now he's in a zoo;

A lion, captive-born and caged,

Now roams the forest through.

A man once slapped a poor boy's pate

And made him weep and wail.

The boy became a magistrate

And put the man in jail.

A sunny day succeeds the night;

It's summer-then it snows!

Right oft goes wrong and wrong comes right,

As ev'ry wise man knows.

-L. Frank Baum


Oct. 24th, 2014

Harry Dresden
The holidays are approaching. Where work is concerned that means that my schedule will get changed around a bit. For example, this week I work five days in a row. F-T. Then I have six days off and then I work two days next week. I'm okay with it because my boss had asked me ahead of time if I could work those days and I said yes. It's just that it's here now and arrgh. Ah well, to celebrate or whatever I am making a fancy dinner tonight for no special reason. I am making a pork roast with mashed potatoes, collared greens with bacon, and homemade bread which is cooking now and smells so good.


Oct. 14th, 2014

book: keep calm and read
So last night around 3 pm I found out that I would be hosting a dinner party that same night. It meant 5 extra people over for dinner. I knew that Jesse had invited his girlfriend and her family for dinner. That was why we were saving the Ribs but I never knew what day or time. Until yesterday. So I hurriedly started dinner and cleaning. Once again I found that nothing cleans the house faster than company coming over. I ended up making the ribs, homemade baked beans and cornbread, and mashed potatoes. They seemed to like it. I was angry at first but spending some time with them was nice. They are a good couple and the kids I knew already from church. They even brought two pies: pecan and apple. So in the end I enjoyed myself and had a good meal and got my house cleaned in the bargain. Yay!


Oct. 11th, 2014

Dragons Be Here
So after much back and forth debating I decided to go to the Renaissance Faire last night.  I didn't dress up or anything and arrived around 5:30 and stayed until the end.  The best part is of course the jousting.  At one point the lights on the poles were disturbing the horses so much that one of the knights had to switch out and get another horse called Thor.  It was fun and interesting to watch him get off and on with the heavy armour on.  The new horse was fidgetly too at first but settled down to finish the joust.  I ate too much as usual and had my meat pie and strawberry/cream scone.  oh, nom nom nom, so good.  I watched a show of four men called Whiskey something or other.  They were funny and sang old Irish tunes and sounded like a barber shop quartet.  They were very good, but the longer the show went on, about an hour and a half, the raunchier they got.  It was good until the last two songs which were too much for me.  The first half was the best.  I bought two bookmarks for my souvenior.  I'm glad that I ended up going.  Oh yeah, there was a lady with huge orange butterfly wings that was beautiful.  They fluttered behind her when she moved.  That and the Ent I saw one year are probably the best costumes that I've ever seen there.

Oct. 2nd, 2014

book: keep calm fictional
I am thinking of doing NaNo again this year.  I have three previous books and I'm kindof in the mood to do another.  I had to create a new profile because I couldn't remember my old password and when the site said it sent me info, well it didn't. It was easier to just make a new one.  I have a month to convince myself that this will be a good thing. And to think of a storyline. :D


Sep. 13th, 2014

fairie angel
I went to Floyd Lamb Park and watched the sun rise over the lake before I watched my youngest run a 3 mile race in 17:58. What an awesome morning,


Sep. 10th, 2014

bad sign

I thought that I had the day off but when I found weevils in my pasta and then my blueberry bread mix I cleaned instead. I did a search for all my Tupperware and amazed myself with how many matching lids I found! I emptied out all my cupboards and pantry and checked all my food items and either threw it away or poured it into my bowls. I put one bag of sugar and one of flour in the freezer for the next few day. I then tore off labels and directions from the boxes and tapped them on the lids so I wouldn't forget what is what. Then I wiped down all the shelves and walls with bleached/comet water. Now my cupboards look pretty bare but I feel safer about what I will eat.

Sep. 7th, 2014

capt america facepalm
I have blisters under my blisters.  Literally.  My right foot has a white blister with another blister under and around it.  My left foot has a white blister that peeled to reveal another blister beneath it.  This is all from yesterday.  I am walking very gingerly and covered in band-aids. I wore my ankle boots yesterday thinking that I'd only wear them for a few hours in the morning.  But I had to go get an oil change for my car which took a few hours and then I was talked into going to a Rebel football game so I ended up wearing them for 16 hours.  I never felt the pain until I was walking half a mile to my car after the game.  OWWW!
The game was pretty exciting.  There was a huge turnover and the Rebels made a 54 yard fieldgoal.  We won 13-12. Yahoo!


Sep. 6th, 2014

book: keep calm fictional

GUYS, IT IS STILL HOT!! Also I have been too distracted by an anime titled Kyou Kara Mao to do anything productive. I did spend 4 hours in a park this morning. Hence, HOT!

Aug. 24th, 2014

Harry Dresden
This was the third busy Saturday in a row so today I did nothing.  Yesterday I went to my niece's baby coed shower. She's only 21 and had a rushed wedding and yet she seems happy. Her theme is monkeys and jungle prints.  I got her more than I originally planned, but it didn't matter for she received a ton of presents.  Enough diapers to last a year.  I was there for three hours and won one of the games.  It was the one where you take a piece of yarn and cut it where you think would fit her belly.  I got it perfect! and won three really nice candles.  She's due near the end of October and still small.  She baby only weighs 3 lbs right now.

I had a short break at home then went to my friend's Lisa's birthday/house warming/concert party. It wasn't on purpose, but I stayed three hours there as well.  I don't know.  Maybe that is my limit. I got her a full hanging plant which she seemed to love and some wine which I hope she likes for I know nothing about wine.  She has a friend who is a singer/songwriter named Jefferson Montoya.  He performed for a little over an hour.  He's really good. It was cool to have a personal concert for just the nine of us.

Check him out: