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Nov. 20th, 2015

It is that time of year.  I am once again struggling with NaNoWriMo.  This is probably my worst year ever.  My story, such as it is, is all over the place.  My characters are on a spacecraft and then suddenly in a hotel room.  I just keep jumping around scenes.  It is, at least, going in order and not back and forth through time, although that may actually help.  I am also way behind in my word count, but I MUST DO IT!!


Nov. 13th, 2015

My daughter is in Paris right now.  I Skyped with her and she’s fine.  Hopefully she can get home with no problems when she’s done with school in two weeks.


Oct. 31st, 2015

So at the staff meeting that was held for the entire district, they handed out at the end free tickets to Jimmy and the Parrots.  The concert was last night and I went with Steve, Betty, and her husband.  It was strange when I found out it was in the same banquet room as the staff meeting.  We sat about 10 rows back from the stage near the center.  It was a great concert.  They were a tribute band for Jimmy Buffet but they played other covers as well.  I loved when they played "Sweet Caroline".  It brought back sweet memories for Betty and me when we had gone to a fair during high school and a band had played that song.  It made us laugh.  The drummer was crazy.  He reminded us of Weird Al.  He jumped around the stage and carried part of his drum set around and went through the audience.  He was great.  The concert lasted an hour and a half.  I'm glad that we all went.


renaissance faire

For five hours last night, I went to the Renaissance Faire.  I started off with Jesse and watched him ride a camel.  We saw a magician which was good but not great.  He had to leave so I wandered around by myself for a time.  I bought two bookmarks and a fan for my wall.  The jousting then began and it was awesome.  My favorite part of the whole festival.  I like how it varies a bit every year but stays the same enough to keep the tradition.  Then I spent my very last dollar on a strawberry with cream scone.  We then saw a gladiator show before heading home about 9:40 pm.  It was great especially considering I wasn't sure I could make it at all when I woke that morning.  I got to wear my new short top hat with frills on it and my knee high boots.  I got blisters, but it was worth it.

Oct. 8th, 2015

The dreaded time of year is coming: NaNo.  I am updating my account and here is my bio:  Always, always, I had a love of reading.  Writing to me is just an extension of it where I can let my own imagination run free.  No one leads me down a path of their choosing.  I create my own.  Characters come to my pages sometimes without my knowing how they arrived.  They need to have their stories told and I am just the vessel that they used.

Now to come up with a plot.


Sep. 23rd, 2015

Wait, today is the first day of Autumn.  What the heck!


Sep. 7th, 2015

Last night I went to the last free summer concert at Fremont Experience.  I went to see Kansas.  I heard there that only two of the original members was still in the band.  We got there 20 minutes early and worked our way in the standing room only crowd near the back.  We watched a short light show and then the band came on.  They were pretty good.  I especially liked the fiddle player.  They did tend to plug some of their own merchandise multiple times.  About two-thirds of the way through the concert, I suddenly began to get light-headed.  Then my skin got clammy and I had to sit right there in the crowd.  It took about 5-10 minutes before I could stand again, but I had to get out.  We moved away and I collapsed near a small tree.  I threw up a bit in my mouth and was worried that it was going to get worse. Disgusting, I know. I didn't though which unbuttoning my top button of my jeans made me less nauseous. Getting out of the crowd and getting some space, some air, and away from the loudness helped a great deal.  I was able to stay for the encore where they sang Wayward Son.  I could actually see the whole stage better from the side.  I also really only recognised three songs total.  Thankfully no money was lost on this night.  We even parked two blocks over and had free parking compared to all the tourists who ended up paying.

Today I feel better in the coolness of my house and was able to finish spring cleaning.  Well, maybe not spring cleaning but cleaning deeper than normal and clearing and re-arranging the rooms around to make it more uncluttered.  I only have one room left.  I'll probably tackle it in a week or so.  Work moved my days around for the holiday.

Sep. 5th, 2015

This morning I fulfilled one of my adult responsibilities and went to the dentist.  I'm happy to report that I have no cavities! My gums, though, are not behaving.  They are still receeding and are sensitive.  She had to numb two of the areas in order to clean my teeth.  She did do a thorough job with her metal pick and the scrapping and everything.  My gums are now sore.  I hate to eat and ruin the cleaniness of my teeth, but I have to sometime, right?


Aug. 30th, 2015

I'm once again on this kick where I do a thorough cleaning of my house.  I re-arranged my living room even.  I then tell myself that THIS TIME I won't let it get so messy.  I wish.  I know better but there is always hope.

Aug. 13th, 2015

My dvd player quit on me.  One day it worked and the next it won't turn on.  Jesse gave me a hdmi cord which is really cool.  I can now watch my movies from the laptop on my big screen.  I still need to buy a player though for when the fall show starts.  Right now I don't have cable.  The best buys from this year was my fancy steering wheel cover (saved my hands from multiple burns), the floor fan (saved me from melting), the overhead lamp (makes it that the dining room can be used again), and now the cord.  

Aug. 12th, 2015

So today I went to Mt. Charleston for Jesse's birthday.  We had Subway and chips while sitting on a log and looking out over the mountain.  I gave him his presents.  One of them was a book with six complete novels in it of Douglas Adam's Hitchhiker's Guide series.  He loved it and started reading it on the way back down. Then we went up to the 8000 mark (well, really the marker has been removed but it used to be up there) for awhile and went hiking.  It was cool and quiet.  Tonight he is having a bonfire with his friends and Cody.

Aug. 4th, 2015

So last night after work six of us met up at the Cosmopolitan Hotel pool. Every Monday night until September they are showing movies off the marquee while we lounge in the chairs and our feet dangle in the water.  We watched Amazing Spiderman.  It was a good time.  They showed Batman after it, but we didn't stay for it.  


Jul. 5th, 2015

On June 2nd Cody and I spent four hours at the church fireworks stand.  We stayed from 4-8 pm.  We gossiped with others, and read, and ate ice cream.  There was a kiddie pool to stick our feet into with a clump of ice floating in it for awhile.  It felt so good.  We didn't have any sales until just before we left.  Fireworks are expensive!

Yesterday we went back to the stand for one hour just to visit then to Jesse's for the party.  Only about 5 people showed but they were nice ones.  I've never met them before and it turned out well.  We played board games like Monopoly Hotel and Blokus.  There was chicken and mac-n-cheese and lots of dessert.  On the way home fireworks were exploding everywhere.  It seems like this year there were a lot more neighborhood ones than ever before and fewer business events.  The neighborhood ones were large and bright, too.  Not just sparklers and whistlers but high in the sky explosions.  Cody and I walked to the corner and just watched for half-an-hour.  It was nice.

I have been watching a lot of reruns.  With Julianna we have been watching Star Trek in order and also Longmire.  With Cody, we have been watching Gilmore Girls.  With Terry, we have been watching Supernatural all over again.  It's a good thing I work if only to get some exercise.

Jun. 30th, 2015

Nobody is on LJ anymore and sometimes I forgot why I started this blog in the first place.  It's to help me recollect things that had happened to me. So,

I was evaluated at work today.  I left with a swelled head. :D  I received "exceed expectations" in almost every category and "excellent" in the others.  They love me there! :D  I love working there as well.  Every co-worker is nice and I am surrounded by books and my boss, my boss' boss, and my boss boss boss are all awesome.  I am very blessed with my job.